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Visioning Truth, Purpose and Potential

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About Me

I'm Sharyn Holmes and I'm a biracial woman living in Brisbane, Australia. I am an anti-oppression consultant, holistic coach, speaker, artist, writer and activist. 

Womxn of colour are underrepresented across many industries and that needs to change. We are the leaders the world needs. Leaders that future generations can look towards and see that our representation changes the world and changes lives. 

Formidable Voices is a space for Black, Indigenous and Womxn of Colour and accomplices. Our vision is to support, elevate, guide, teach, uplift and provide speaking and teaching opportunities, virtual and in-person events for womxn of colour around the world. 

Membership Benefits

Formidable Voices is an events, membership and community platform to uplift Womxn of Colour coaches, creatives and entrepreneurs to speak their truth, take up space, value their superpowers and leave a meaningful legacy that sustains them.

There are two membership pathways.

For Black, Indigenous and Womxn of Colour the benefits are:

  • Monthly BIWOC-only community call.
  • Option to also join the open community call with all members.
  • Global network of BIWOC for friendship, collaboration and connection.
  • Tools and training including courses released from time to time.
  • Potential opportunities to speak, teach and facilitate at our events.
  • Access to industry leaders.

Join by 31 August 2019 and be included in the Formidable Zine where you will have the opportunity for a one-page feature on you and your business.


Accomplices are Non-BIWOC individuals who are active allies who prioritise dismantling white supremacy as a regular practice in their lives and businesses. 

For accomplices:

  • Access to tools, training and resources within the network. 
  • Learn from BIWOC industry leaders.
  • Grow your network.
  • Connect with like-minded womxn on the monthly open community call.

Accomplices: Join by 31 August 2019 and be included in the Formidable Zine where you will have the opportunity to be listed in the Directory. 


For all members:

  • Personal welcome to Formidable Voices.
  • A private online community that prioritises social justice, inclusive business, equity, human rights, anti-oppression, anti-racism and dismantling the kyriarchy.
  • Monthly topics and polls because your voice matters.
  • Priority access to events and courses.
  • Live virtual events such as Office Hour chat sessions, Hot Seat your business/question or concern, online conferences and panel discussions.
  •  Invites to meet-ups when I travel interstate and internationally. 
  • Community-oriented guidelines.
  • Bi-monthly newsletters.
  • Optional courses such as Unpack Your Privilege and Gutsy Leadership and topics on personal and professional growth.
  • Invited Guest teachers.
  • Optional 1:1 Gutsy Coaching.

Formidable Voices is for you if:

You are a Black, Indigenous, Womxn of Colour (BIWOC) seeking connection, supportive community and collaboration in conscious business.

You are a Black, Indigenous, Womxn of Colour seeking opportunities to speak and teach and desire to be part of a community that has that intention at its core.

You are a non-BIWOC, an active accomplice who has engaged with and undertaken personal growth in dismantling white supremacy, anti-racism and anti-oppression and are making it a daily practice in your life and business.

You value integrity, humanity, ethical business, honest communication, truth telling and are willing to go deeper in your learning to improve the lives of others, your life and your business.

You run a business that connects, coaches, teaches, services, consults with people.

You acknowledge that lack of representation has gone on long enough and you want to actively support, uplift and elevate BIWOC in coaching, consulting, spiritual, wellness, creative and entrepreneurial industries.

Join early and receive:

Annual memberships also include a complimentary ticket to Formidable Voices evening event. The first event is on Wednesday 13 November at 6.30pm in Melbourne, Australia.

Memberships received by 31 August 2019 have the opportunity to be included in the first Formidable Zine showcasing BIWOC talent and a directory of accomplices. The Zine will be available to everyone who joins the Formidable Voices mailing list and to my Patreon community.

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